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Both pastdowns detached. During his military campaigns he wrote in solitude a kind of philosophic diary for his private guidance. It came into circulation only after his death , and gave him eternal fame. OCD 2nd ed. The collection is called 'Mediationes', or 'Ad se ipsum'.

It was a kind of philosophic breviary throughout the centuries, even for contemplative Christians. The fact that Marcus had much in common with a religion he despised 'shows how the atmosphere of the world was changing. Classical thought was departing and giving place to what was to be the medieval mind' observes H. Rose rather gloomily. Rose, Handbook of Greek literature, Londen, , p. It contains the Greek text, a iuxtaposed Latin translation, and a very substantial commentary, filling pages.

The edition was praised by later editors of the Meditations as a 'judicious and masculine performance about which it is difficult to speak with sober moderation' Farquharson p. Ingram Bywater described it as a 'book of unquestioned value and authority'. Brink comments that 'There are not many works of exegesis so penetrating and sustained; as an explanatory work the book stands almost alone for more than 2 centuries'. Provenance: At the upper margin of the title in ink 'Jani Broukhusii'. In he published his 'Carmina', a collection of his Neolatin poetry. Utrecht His editions of Propertius and Tibullus laid the foundation for his reputation as a classical scholar.

He was admired as a latinist, for his taste and for his erudition. Ritterhusius in animo quondam habuit novam recensionem huius libri, una cum commentario de Imp. Marco Antonino; uti testatur in Epist. The addressee of this letter is the German polyhistor Melchior Goldast, Broukhusius here refers to letter in the collection of letters 'Virorum clarorum et doctorum ad Melchiorem Goldastum. Vellum 33 cm Ref: Graesse 4,; Ebert 'scarce and philologically interesting' Details: 6 thongs laced through the joints.

Short title in ink on the back.

Offenes Jugendzentrum Bayreuth (Revival Party zum Jahrestag): Tappert

Signed woodcut printer's mark on the title, depicting a woman in a landscape, she holds a book; the motto reads: 'Virtuti Fortuna Comes', or 'Fortune is the companion of virtue'. Full page oval portrait of Latinius, engraved by Catharina Angela Bussi facing the title. Full page portrait of the cardinal Ioannes Gualterius Slusius, engraved by 'Io. Nolin' Jean-Baptiste Nolin before the 'dedictatio'. See: wittert. Upper joint beginning to split near the head of the spine. Some small holes in the front flyleaf.

Front flyleaf worn, a few small tears in its right margin. Ebooks and Manuals

Small tear in the lower margin of the title repaired. Paper age-toned; a few gatherings browning. Some pencil. An old Cyprianus specialist once wrote 6 small references in ballpoint in the margins of 2 pages Note: The Italian cleric and humanist Latino Latini, or Latinus Latinius, , devoted his long life to his employers and his studies; he held soft jobs as secretary of several cardinals, and devoted the rest of his time to classical studies and the study of the churchfathers, especially Tertullian and Cyprianus.

When he was a young man he acquired, after an interrupted study of law, a copy of the Gryphius edition of Cicero by the great P. He was so touched by the elegance of that work, that he decided to use Cicero as a guide for his style. Latinius produced an edition of Cyprianus, published by Paullus Manutius in , the socalled 'edition Manutiana'. He did however not want to associate his name with this edition. He feared that his reputation was at stake, because he had manipulated the text of Cyprian, where it conflicted with the manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures.

Schoenemann 1, p. Observations, corrections, conjectures and 'variae lectiones' which he had jotted down in his manuscripts and in the margins of his books were published postumely by the theologian Domenico Magri, or Dominicus Macrus of Malta, , once Canon canonicus of the Cathedral of Viterbo, member of the Inquisition, and proconsul of the notorious Index of forbidden books. The work of Latinius is preceded by a 4 page biography by Magri, the source of the above mentioned data. The work contains Latinius' orderly organized observations etc.

Brancaccio was Magri's former superior, who had been bishop of Viterbo from till The cardinal's huge collection of manuscripts and books is now held by the 'Bibliotheca Nazionale di Napoli'. He does so , because this edition of was published at his expenses. Gualterius Slusius was head of the Latin language department of the Vatican Secretariat of State, the 'Secretaria brevium ad principes et epistolarum latinarum' of pope Innocentius XI.

It was his task to prepare in Latin the papal and curial documents. He was the owner of a famous book collection. Valery Pavlovich Chkalov Russian:??????? Contents Early life Chkalov was born in the upper Volga region, the town of Vasilyevo, near Nizhny Novgorod, the son of a boiler maker. His mother died when he was six years old. Chkalov studied in the technical school in Cherepovets but later returned to work as an apprentice with his father and as a stoker on river boats.

He saw his first plane in and decided to join the Red Army's air force. He trained as a pilot and graduated in joining a fighter squadron. Chkalov married Olga Orekhova, a schoolteacher from Leningrad, in In the early s he became a test pilot. Achievements Chkalov achieved several milestones in Aviation.

The flight pioneered the polar air route from Europe to the American Pacific Coast. Death Chkalov meets with Joseph Stalin Chkalov died on 15 December while piloting a prototype of the Polikarpov I fighter, which crashed during her maiden test flight. The series of events leading up to the crash is not entirely clear. Neither the aircraft's two chief designers, Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov and Dmitri Lyudvigovich Tomashevich, approved the flight, and no one had signed a form releasing the prototype from the factory.

In any event, Chkalov took off and made a low altitude circuit around the airfield. For the second circuit, Chkalov flew farther away, climbing to over 2, m 6, ft even though the flight plan specifically forbade exceeding m 1, ft. Chkalov apparently miscalculated his landing approach and came in short of the airfield, but when he attempted to correct his approach the engine cut out.

Chkalov was able to avoid several buildings, but struck an overhead powerline. He was thrown from the cockpit, sustaining severe injuries, and died two hours later. His ashes are interred in the Kremlin Wall. The official government investigation concluded that the engine cut out because it became too cold in the absence of the cowl flaps.

Others hypothesised that Chkalov had advanced the throttle too fast and thus flooded the engine. As a result of the crash, Tomashevich and several other officials, including Arms Industry Department director S. Belyakin, who urged the first flight, were immediately arrested. Years later, fellow test pilot Mikhail Gromov blamed the designers for flawed engine cooling and Chkalov himself for deviating from the flight plan.

Chkalov's son claimed that a plan to assassinate his father had been in the works in the months preceding his death , but the circumstances of the crash make foul play unlikely.

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Despite the opinion of some, after Chkalov's death Polikarpov's reputation with Stalin was left intact, and Polikarpov continued to design aircraft. The city of Orenburg bore the name Chkalov from to Nizhny Novgorod also has a staircase down to the Volga named after him with a statue of him at the top of it. In , at Vancouver Washington, a monument to Chkalov's polar flight was dedicated at Pearson Field and a street was named Chkalov Drive.

Yekaterinburg Metro opened one in as well. Issaak Abramowitsch Mendelewitsch russisch????? November greg. September ebenda war ein russischer Bildhauer. Utrecht Trajecti ad Rhenum , Apud A. Colophon: 'Literis Reersianis, ' , Modern boards. The back is soiled, and on it is written 'stemmata regum'. Book plate on the front pastedown.

Small piece at the tip of the upper corner of the last leaf torn off Note: The German classical scholar Christoph Gottlob Sachse, , or Christophorus Saxius, came in to Leipzig to study classical philology. He decided to remain in the Netherlands, where he became the teacher of the son of De Back, the secretary to the Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic William IV, and after secretary of the grandson of Caspar Burmannus in Utrecht. In Saxius was appointed professor of Rhetoric and Greek at the University of Utrecht, which he remained until his death at the age of He published much on epigraphy, archaeology, ancient history, and he produced in an edition of the 'Catonis Disticha'.

Useful as they were in their time, they are now forgotten. He made one important contribution to scholarship, his 'Onomasticon literarium sive Nomenclator praestantissimorum omnis aevi scriptorum praecipue Graecorum et Latinorum', Utrecht, This biographic and bibliographic work developed into an eight volume work of reference His aim is educational.

He confesses that he has learned from long experience, that students doze off listening to dull voices and lectures, but that they revive when shown something more concrete.

A Strict Young Man (1935) movie

He condemns teachers who are not willing to explain matters with the use of maps, so reducing the appetite of their pupils. The easiest way to avoid errors is to visualize and so elucidate complicated matters on tables, on which all information is available in brief at one glance. Saxius used this recipe for the confusing assembly of Greek and Roman gods, kings, royal families, peoples etc. He often wrote about homosexuality, and argued that it was an innate characteristic. He practiced medicine in the Dutch East Indies later Indonesia in his later life. His views parallel those of psychiatrist Sigmund Freud on this topic.

He studied medicine at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam, and received his medical license in He went on to practice as a neurologist. In the same year, he submitted a postdoctoral dissertation that argued that homosexuality was innate, but it was rejected by the University of Amsterdam on the grounds that it was 'in conflict with morality and offensive to others'. He discovered numerous plants on the expedition, some of which were named after him. He settled in the Dutch East Indies in , where he worked as a public health specialist and a regional government physician.

In , he married Eugenie Gallois, a pianist, and had a son. After retiring, he continued to practice psychiatry in Malang in Indonesia, where he died in at the age of Leiden Lugduni Batavorum , Apud S. Luchtmans, Amsterdam Amstelodami , Apud P. Back and boards gilt, gilt coat of arms of Dordrecht in the centre of both boards.

The last pages contain the notes of Bergman Condition: Prize gone. Vellum age-toned, back soiled, red label in the 'second compartment' gone. Upper board slightly curved. Several marginal pencil annotations and some foxing Note: The honour of reviving the study of Greek in the Netherlands belongs to the Dutch classical scholar Tiberius Hemsterhuis, , who became professor Mathematics and Philosophy at the Athenaeum of Amsterdam at the age of His great example was the English classical scholar Richard Bentley, , Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, with whom he corresponded early in his career.

The 'Elogium' delivered in by his devoted pupil Ruhnken. Hemsterhuis wanted to create a worthy successor and appointed him in to assist him as Reader in Greek. Sandys 2, He published an edition of the complete Moralia of Plutarchus with Latin translation , a work of permanent value. Kosteri ex libris'. In his dissertation 'De Re Metrica tractatus Graeci inediti' , Leiden , he argued that the current views concerning Greek metrics were founded on an unstable basis, and that it would be wise to return to the sources, the ancient tractates on metrics.

In he was appointed professor of Greek at the University of Groningen. Linked to his interest was his work on the metrics and the scholia of Aristophanes. In he already published 'Scholia in Aristophanis Plutum et Nubes', which was only the start of his 'opus magnum', the edition of the 'Scholia in Aristophanem', a scholarly entreprise of nearly half a century, that started in under his supervision, and then of D.

Holwerda, who has seen it through to completion with the appearance of the scholia to the Thesmophoriazusae and Ecclesiazusae in Kamerbeek, 'Levensbericht W. Koster', in: Jaarboek, , Amsterdam, p. See also the review of R. Tordoff: 'R. Regtuit ed. Guter Zustand. Untere vordere Buchecke mit einer kleinen Stauchung. Seit lebte sie mit wenigen Unterbrechungen bis zu ihrem Tod in Paris.

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Worum geht es? Juli in Paris war eine amerikanische Schriftstellerin, Verlegerin und Kunstsammlerin. Aus; Wikipedia. Her adult life featured two main personal relationships. The first was her working relationship with her brother Leo Stein, from to , and the second was her romantic relationship with Alice B. Toklas, from until Stein's death in Stein shared her salon at 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris, first with Leo and then with Alice. Throughout her lifetime, Stein also had significant relationships with avant garde artists and literary people.

She was friends with young artists Matisse and Picasso during the early s, authors Thornton Wilder and Ernest Hemingway during the s. She is credited with coining the term Lost Generation as description of her many expatriate acquaintances in France and Italy during the s and s. Mellow, , at On meeting Stein, Toklas wrote: " She was a golden brown presence, burned by the Tuscan sun and with a golden glint in her warm brown hair.

She was dressed in a warm brown corduroy suit. She wore a large round coral brooch and when she talked, very little, or laughed, a good deal, I thought her voice came from this brooch. It was unlike anyone else's voice-- deep, full, velvety, like a great contralto's, like two voices. In , they summered in Fiesole, Italy, Toklas staying with Harriet Lane Levy, the companion of her trip from the United States, and her housemate until Alice relocated in with Stein and Leo in Gertrude and Alice's summer of is memorialized in images of the two of them in Venice, at the piazza in front of Saint Mark's.

In an essay written at the time, Stein discussed the complex efforts humorously, involving much letter writing and Victorian niceties, to extricate Levy from Toklas' living arrangements. No one was interested in this thing in whether she had any plans for the summer. That is not the complete history of this thing, some were interested in this thing in her not having any plans for the summer.

Some who were not interested in her not having made plans for the summer were interested in her not having made plans for the following winter. She had not made plans for the summer and she had not made plans for the foll. Erste Auflage dieser Ausgabe. Sehr gut. Schutzumschlag: Willy Fleckhaus. Sehr guter Zustand. Frisches Exemplar. Wie ungelesen. She had not made plans for the summer and she had not made plans for the following winter.

There was then coming to be the end. Wie neu. Innen sauber. Gutes Leseexemplar. Text in englischer Sprache. Mary Augusta Arnold was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, into a prominent intellectual family of writers and educationalists.

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Mary was the daughter of Tom Arnold, a professor of literature, and Julia Sorrell. The Arnolds and the Huxleys were an important influence on British intellectual life. Tom Arnold was received into the Roman Catholic Church on 12 January , which made him so unpopular in his job and with his wife that he resigned and left for England with his family in July Mary Arnold had her fifth birthday the month before they left, and had no further connection with Tasmania. Tom Arnold was ratified as chair of English literature at the contemplated Catholic university, Dublin, after some delay.

Mary spent much of her time with her grandmother. She was educated at various boarding schools from ages 11 to 15, in Shifnal, Shropshire and at 16 returned to live with her parents at Oxford, where her father had a lecturership in history. On 6 April , not yet 21 years old, Mary married Humphry Ward, a fellow and tutor of Brasenose College, and also a writer and editor.

For the next nine years she continued to live at Oxford, at 17 Bradmore Road, where she is commemorated by a blue plaque. She was developing an interest in social and educational service and making tentative efforts at literature. She added Spanish to her languages, and in undertook the writing of a large number of the lives of early Spanish ecclesiastics for the Dictionary of Christian Biography edited by Dr William Smith and Dr. Henry Wace. This was followed in by a more ambitious, though slight, study of modern life, Miss Bretherton, the story of an actress. Her popularity spread beyond Great Britain to the United States.

It started, as no academic work could have done, a popular discussion on historic and essential Christianity. Ward helped establish an organisation for working and teaching among the poor. She also worked as an educator in the residential settlement movements she founded. She was also a significant campaigner against women getting the vote. Ward took on the job, creating and editing the Anti-Suffrage Review. She published a large number of articles on the subject, while two of her novels, The Testing of Diana Mallory and Delia Blanchflower, were used as platforms to criticise the suffragettes.

In a article in The Times, Ward wrote that constitutional, legal, financial, military, and international problems were problems only men could solve. XVIII ,, 1 blank p. Half calf. Back gilt. Marbled endpapers. The frontispiece, by B. Valckenaer tell us in the dedication that he has good memories of the Prince's visit to Leiden, and how they read poems of Theocritus.

The prince was a great book and art collector. See his article in Wikipedia 'Nikolay Yusupov' Condition: Small old paper label at the foot of the spine.


Boards with some small scratches. Small paper label on the upper board. Bookplate on the verso of the front flyleaf Note: The Greek poet Theocritus, ca. He is called the father or inventor of bucolic and pastoral poetry, and the reviver of the mime. His fame chiefly rests on his Idylls, written in hexameter verse and in the Doric dialect. His outstanding dramatic, descriptive and lyric qualities are best displayed in his bucolic poetry. Nevertheles, he transcends his age in his ability to select and concentrate his material, in the freshness of his observation of people and scenes, in the vivacity of his narratives and descriptions, in imagery and lyricism, and above all in his dramatic power.

He was an imitator, like Bion. Honkoop purchased the remaining stock of this Theocritius edition after the death of Le Maire, changed the impressum on the title page, and brought it on the market for a second time, now with his own name. Valckenaer based his edition on many earlier Theocritus editions, e. He adopted the Latin translation of Theocritus made by the German scholar Helius Eobanus Hessius, first published in , supplementing it with translations of Daniel Heinsius and Hugo Grotius. Higt was for 6 years a student of Valckenaer in Franeker.

After his studies Higt was appointed in rector of the Gymnasium at Alkmaar. Valckenaer praises in a short 'Lectori' his poetic talents, and calls him a 'Poeta graece et latine perdoctus', who 'media aetate nobis omnibus flebilis occidit'. Hemsterhuis was professor of Greek at the University of Franeker from till , and from till at the University of Leiden. Hemsterhuis was the founder of a Dutch school of criticism, the so -called 'Schola Hemsterhusiana', which had in Valckenaer its best known disciple.

Valckenaer studied Greek in Franeker under Hemsterhuis, and succeeded to his chair in In he left for Leiden, once again as successor of his beloved teacher. Both created a golden age of Greek studies in the Netherlands. Still a student Valckenaer edited a Greek lexicon of the grammarian Ammonius, 'De adfinium vocabulorum Differentia', Leiden In Franeker he produced a revised and augmented edition of Fulvio Orsini's 'Virgilius illustratus', Leeuwarden This title is important for the history of scholarship for its inclusion of the text of the 22nd book of the Iliad of Homer, accompanied by an introduction, 'variae lectiones' and the 'editio princeps' of scholia of Porphyrius and other hellenistic and byzantine scholars.

In Valckenaer published an edition of Euripides' 'Phoenissae', with his rich commentary, and a Latin translation by Hugo Grotius. Among his best works are two other Euripides editions, this Hippolytus edition of and his 'Diatribe in Euripidis perditorum dramatum reliquias' of Valckenaer also produced editions of the Idylls of Theocritus, Leiden , and of the complete works of bucolic poets Theocritus, Bion and Moschus. His Callimachus was published posthumously by J. Luzac in Provenance: This book was bound by the Gouda bookbinder S. Sijbrand Hendrik van der Kraats, born in Workum in , came to Gouda, and was there bookbinder from He died in Gouda in His small blue paper label is on the front pastedown.

We could not trace on the internet any other book bound by this binder. LXXII,, 88 p. Pigskin The binding of this book is important in the context of the cultural history of Lutheranism. The binding dates from the last 2 decades of the 16th century. The back has 4 raised bands. The boards are decorated with blind stamped triple fillet borders and a row consisting of floral motives and some tiny portraits. He still is, for the 3rd of March, the day he died, is still commemorated in the evangelical church of Germany. Johann Friedrich I was an ardent follower of Martin Luther, with whom he corresponded.

He was a lifelong promotor of the reformatory movement, and one of the movement's most important political leaders. On this wound on the cheek and the resulting scar, see below On the 10th of May he was sentenced to death. This sentence was not carried out. Johann Friedrich had however to abdicate, but he refused to be converted to Catholicism. In captivity his political role came to an end, but in prison he became a protestant Saint. The duke was released in , and his way home was a real triumph.

German quotations: ADB 14 p. This scar on the left cheek, which is apparantly part of the iconography of the Duke, is also clearly visible on the blindstamped portrait on the front of this book. So our conclusion must be that this portrait belongs to Johann Friedrich I.

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  5. The coat of arms on the backcover was made after an engraving of Lucas Cranach, a friend of Johann Friedrich. In Jena there is a statue of Johann Friedrich, the socalled 'Hanfried-Denkmal' to commemorate the founding of the University in , of which Johann Friedrich had been the driving force. The 'Deutsches Historisches Museum' holds a number of paintings , which depict the life of this protestant Saint in 28 scenes.

    Some damage to the head and tail of the back, and to the upper board. Corners heavily bumped. Small inscription with references to Cicero on the front pastedown. Small inscription on the verso of the title. Occasional old red ink underlinings. Stephanus plays an important role in the history of the reception of Herodotus. In the Latin translation of Valla was first published. In the same time the work of the detractors and critics of this Greek historian came on the market, especially Plutarch's 'De Herodoti malignitate' , but also works of Aristotle Herodotus is ignorant , Flavius Josephus he is a liar , Strabo he likes to tell simple stories , Lucianus does not tell the truth , Gellius he invents stories.

    The supporters of Herodotus were in the minority. We only mention Cicero, who called him 'Pater historiae'. When Henr. This exquisitely engraved incunable map is one of the earliest printed maps to focus on what is now Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and much of Southern Germany.

    It depicts the Ancient Roman conception of the region as proscribed by Claudius Ptolemy c. Similar Ebooks. See more. E L James. Aber Anas Verlangen nach Christian ist ungebrochen, so sehr sie dies auch zu verleugnen sucht. Und sie muss die wichtigste Entscheidung ihres Lebens treffen. Eine Entscheidung, bei der ihr niemand helfen kann Er ist wieder da: Der Roman. Timur Vermes. Sommer Dieser Hitler ist keine Witzfigur, sondern erschreckend real.

    Eine Persiflage? Eine Satire? Aber Ana ist sich bewusst, dass es nicht einfach sein wird, mit Christian zusammenzuleben. Ganz auf sich allein gestellt, muss sich Ana endlich Christians Vergangenheit stellen. Jonas Jonasson. Allan Karlsson hat Geburtstag. Er wird Jahre alt. Eigentlich ein Grund zu feiern. Jahrhunderts verwickelt war.