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My First Words

My First Number Board Book A circle is What does Sukkot sound like? What does Hanukkah sound like? Neil Goldsack is Honorary Senior My First Song Book Your name.

Close Send. As a young child you were always crying and fussing! To this day you are still a very stubborn person, but it's only because you know what you want. You are strong-minded, driven and know what is important to you in love.

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While some may see your attitude as negative, the reality is you just have very high standards and only settle for the best! Your first word was probably, "Huggy! You were a delightful little baby who couldn't get enough care and attention from everyone around you. You were always being passed around to hold, coddle and play with, so it's only natural that your first verbal expression was about family and love and wanting to be hugged!

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You are still a very family and people oriented person. You are extroverted and have excellent interpersonal skills. Your first words were probably, "Doggy"! You were a highly intelligent baby and you were always aware of your surroundings. To this day you love animals and nature and feel the most in your element when you are surrounded by nature.

When do babies start talking?

You are highly perceptive of your own emotions and behaviors as well as those of other people around you. Googoo Gaga? Created By Candice Ward.

Which word do you most closely associate with your childhood? What did you dream about being when you were a child? Ballet dancer. Who were you closest with growing up? My dad. My mom. My grandparent's.

When will my baby say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’?

Both parents. What month were you born in? Were you a shy or a loud child? Somewhere in the middle. Which childish behavior are you still doing as an adult? Sucking my thumb.