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Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? In this lesson, you will first read a brief summary of Dostoyevsky's ''The Brothers Karamazov.

Saving the Karamazovs by Gary Goldstick (2012, Paperback)

Summary The Brothers Karamazov is a novel with a simple plot about a murder, and a complex discussion of faith, doubt, and morality. Brothers Karamazov book cover art When Fyodor is found murdered, the town suspects all of the brothers. The Brothers Karamazov There are three main brothers in this novel. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Other Important Characters There are a few other important characters who serve as lovers, friends and mentors to the brothers. Register to view this lesson Are you a student or a teacher?

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Ivan Karamazov's Mistake

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Your answer is required. Email Email is required. Email is not a valid email. Email already in use. Log In instead. Your selected plan:. It was stupid of him to ask Mrs. Michael is Ivan. He is the smartest and most self-aware Bluth, a decidedly mixed blessing considering that it makes him the only one able to grasp just how awful everyone is.

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But both of them do the right thing in the end. And Buster is Alyosha, not quite a Christ figure but certainly some sort of saint, as indeed he has to be to love his family. He is never judgmental although any reasonable person in his position would be. In the unwritten sequel to Brothers K , Dostoevsky planned to turn Alyosha into a revolutionary who ends up killing the tsar. Or maybe it just means Hurwitz is saving the tragic but uplifting conclusion for season 4. Close Login. Web Exclusives First Thoughts.

Precious are the dead that lie there, every stone over them speaks of such burning life in the past, of such passionate faith in their work, their truth, their struggle and their science, that I know I shall fall on the ground and kiss those stones and weep over them; though I'm convinced in my heart that it's long been nothing but a graveyard. And I shall not weep from despair, but simply because I shall be happy in my tears, I shall steep my soul in emotion. I love the sticky leaves in spring, the blue sky--that's all it is.

It's not a matter of intellect or logic, it's loving with one's inside, with one's stomach. One loves the first strength of one's youth.

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Do you understand anything of my tirade, Alyosha? One longs to love with one's inside, with one's stomach. You said that so well and I am awfully glad that you have such a longing for life," cried Alyosha.

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  4. I have thought so a long time. Half your work is done, Ivan, you love life, now you've only to try to do the second half and you are saved. And what does your second half mean? Young Russia is talking about nothing but the eternal questions now. Why have you been looking at me in expectation for the last three months? To ask me, 'What do you believe, or don't you believe at all? I don't want to wound my little brother who has been watching me with such expectation for three months.

    Alyosha, look straight at me! Of course, I am just such a little boy as you are, only not a novice. And what have Russian boys been doing up till now, some of them, I mean? In this stinking tavern, for instance, here, they meet and sit down in a corner. They've never met in their lives before and, when they go out of the tavern, they won't meet again for forty years. And what do they talk about in that momentary halt in the tavern? Of the eternal questions, of the existence of God and immortality.

    And those who do not believe in God talk of socialism or anarchism, of the transformation of all humanity on a new pattern, so that it all comes to the same, they're the same questions turned inside out. And masses, masses of the most original Russian boys do nothing but talk of the eternal questions! Isn't it so? But there's one Russian boy called Alyosha I am awfully fond of.

    You declared yesterday at father's that there was no God. But now I've no objection to discussing with you, and I say so very seriously. I want to be friends with you, Alyosha, for I have no friends and want to try it. Well, only fancy, perhaps I too accept God," laughed Ivan; "that's a surprise for you, isn't it? I was told at the elder's yesterday that I was joking. You know, dear boy, there was an old sinner in the eighteenth century who declared that, if there were no God, he would have to be invented.

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    S'il n'existait pas Dieu, il faudrait l'inventer. And what's strange, what would be marvellous, is not that God should really exist; the marvel is that such an idea, the idea of the necessity of God, could enter the head of such a savage, vicious beast as man. So holy it is, so touching, so wise and so great a credit it does to man. As for me, I've long resolved not to think whether man created God or God man. And I won't go through all the axioms laid down by Russian boys on that subject, all derived from European hypotheses; for what's a hypothesis there is an axiom with the Russian boy, and not only with the boys but with their teachers too, for our Russian professors are often just the same boys themselves.

    And so I omit all the hypotheses.