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Volume 21 Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume 20 Issue 4 Volume 19 Issue 4 Volume 18 Issue 4 Issue 2 Special Issue: Organised crime: origins and projections. Volume 17 Issue 4 Volume 16 Issue 4 Volume 15 Issue 4 Volume 14 Issue 4 Volume 13 Issue 4 Volume 12 Issue 4 Volume 11 Issue 4 Volume 10 Issue 4 Volume 9 Issue 4 Volume 8 Issue 4 Volume 7 Issue 4 Volume 6 Issue 4 Volume 5 Issue 4 Thanks Ramit, I think this is absolutely accurate.

My biggest barrier is finding people to pitch. But those are two different things. Finding people to pitch depends on narrowing your market down and deeply understanding them. Where do they hang out? What do they do for fun? What are the needs in their lives? Once you really understand that, it becomes much easier to find them — and find a lot of them. The second concern you have is coming off like a used-car salesman. Helping them. This post is great. I have very little experience in my industry marketing and business administration so, what could I do?

I really appreciate it. Hey Rosa.

Sitting Insights for Earning More Cash I Money and Success in Life Part 1

If you lived in the U. I would definitely tell you to teach Spanish. Second languages are very appealing in the business world. Aside from getting more money which is sweet , I just want to say that simply knowing that you CAN earn money outside of a job is a really great feeling.

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This post was a good reminder that I can make even more. I particularly related to wanting smart people around you. I agree.

Managing Your Money: MBA Insights for Undergraduates

There is tremendous value in being exposed to other people who are ambitious and skilled. Ramit, I wholeheartedly agree about systems. I never wonder how much money I have or will have at the end of the month, I know. My savings account is constantly growing so is my checking. My k is constantly growing. The amount of time I spend looking at my personal finances has dropped to maybe an hour a month, as opposed to a couple hours a week. All of my financial attention is now focused on making more money and what to do with that money.

No more wasting my energy on things that can be completely automated with just a few clicks. But my side-line skill set is all computer based, webdesign being my poison of choice. I felt that by only working evenings and weekends I was taking too long to turn projects around, and thus failing the client.

There are better web-designers out there with more time! No, my side-income has actually declined, because I went from part-time to full-time at my day job. I suppose I earn more from the day job though…. As the first question? For example, I have a student who has a wife and two kids. He can only work after they go to sleep, so he set up a retainer system where he can work any time. I had a similar experience, and solved it by doubling my rates. If your time gets filled up again, double them again.

Thanks for the response Ramit. Looking forward to any additional input you have. Not really 3. Time because i have an idea, the skills and an expert in the field. I like this post and am excited to see the future content in the next 4 weeks! Saving has provided me the freedom to pursue what I enjoy without a 9 to 5 job, and focus full time on other ways to make money. It can be kind of fun and creative. Having resolve to implement a good idea in order to make money is important. It can be disheartening to make those 50 calls and not get one sale. It takes resolve to push through that fear and loss of hope and keep going.

You are right that action is key. Sitting around wanting to hear more information without taking action is useless. Great post, as always, Ramit! My primary motivation happens to be personal and not financial—but it seems like a job change would be a great way for a lot of readers to get a relatively fast pop in their earning power and drop in stress levels before moving on to the side businesses that seem to be the focus of your Earn 1K course.

Any chance you could comment here perhaps with a book recommendation? Bummer that we have to wait!

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  • My fall back is what you said the number 1 reason is…. I work at a credit union, as a personal banker…ie investments and lending. We also do all of our own underwriting. But what action have you taken to find a profitable idea? My focus for the past couple of years has been to persue further schooling to improve my ability to earn for the job. I think im overly caught up in the thought process, and need to spend more time doing, then thinking.

    In reality, I spend a lot of my time aimlessly reading shit on the internet, chatting with friends phone or IM , or other not-very-satisfying ways of spending that time. Now I pay my own insurance, expenses, and some extra taxes. Plus I can raise my own rates as demand increases, rather than waiting on an annual review. Not doing anything on the side — this is my main career. I am desperately eager to hear more on this. I know you just suggested to DanP that he needs to change something to fix this — but what? Other than brainstorming ideas and running them by friends, what else do you suggest?

    Thanks for all of the great advice. I had to post. I have read your RSS feed for more than 6 months. Today, i read this post and suddenly a switch flips and I realize that I have a pretty significant skill set that I could use for income on multiple levels. I pondered your barriers question and a light bulb went off. My Barrier? What if I do manage to make more money and get the freedom I desire and then somehow lose it all and end up living back in my parents basement again? Right now, right here, with this paycheck, I know what to expect. My biggest barrier has been a fear that my lack of formal education and job related experience versus hobby related experience would stop people from wanting to hire me as a freelance writer.

    Four months ago I finally took the first step and now have one client. Quite the same than question 1. This is one of the few posts from you I have actually read the entire thing through without skipping! Great stuff. Really great stuff! Typically I start reading and lose interest with it too quickly, but this one kept me drawn for some reason. They are now finished. I need to hold myself accountable. I need to stop wasting my time. My biggest barrier is fear. When I finally advertised it: nothing but crickets, man. I have the techniques and strategies to discover what customers actually will pay for — now I just have to implement them.

    But the fear, combined with the usual daily cycle of job, veg, sleep, makes for some vicious inertia. I actually have started to earn more. I negotiated a new bonus arrangement at my day job, and I drafted an outline for an ebook. Now I just need to write it! The writing of said ebook…and also, my chosen sideline is tutoring.

    I feel like nobody will even be looking for a writing tutor for high-schoolers until fall. I have two barriers to earning more. Just so you know, ramit, Knitting is a surprisingly expensive hobby. Raw materials cost more than you can buy a finished product for, nevermind all the time you spend actually knitting. You can immediately write off anyone who uses knitting as an example of how to save money; they are dead wrong.

    I assumed you just found some yarn and copper wire in a dirty alleyway and used it to knit whatever came to mind while gently stroking a purring cat on a recliner chair. I stand corrected. Absolutely love this post. Two issues: 1. As for your questions… 1.

    Yes and no. I actually did better pre with side jobs, but I moved jobs this year to something that earns more still about half of what my b. Obviously, if I knew what BLANK was, I would be in a better position to get rid of that barrier instead of hitting an invisible wall each time. I sent off 3 texts just while writing this post.

    Yes I have. I think fear of the unknown is a common barrier. I am still a big believer in saving as you need to have some assets you can get your hands on quickly if needed. Ramit, I agree with most of your stuff about earning more instead of saving more but I would like to add one note.

    Sometimes changing habits can save money and be fun. For example, I started walking more recently and biking to work instead of driving. Other than that, yes, absolutely, focus on making more.

    Consistent performance

    A few days back I received an email with ideas for earning the extra 1k. I really question the dog walking and babysitting ideas. How will you make 1k? You would have to put a lot of hours in. Unless I just need to brain storm this idea some more … Your success stories so far, seem to be folks that had high dollar skills that could transfer over to freelance. How do you test your products or ideas? Is there a post on that somewhere? Thank you for your ideas and thoughts.

    I think you are correct in that I need to pursue making more money not focusing so much on frugality. I love the fact that you encourage people that the way not to go is by cutting back on lattes, gym etc. I run my own online business which is only small at the moment and manageable, trying not to overload myself but yes! Do you have an article on that?!

    My problem is where to begin. I know that a website is one of them. While I do have one, it needs to be developed further. Nobody gives a damn! Leverage your experience and skills to earn extra money on the side; negotiate a remote-work arrangement; or consciously choose between cycles of working to earn, and […]. Increased money? Yes, I got a job. I hope you are smarter than I was. Put money away to take to college with you. It will be the smartest thing you ever did.

    I wish I would have been more prepared. I even had a client fly me out for a workshop paid for to Venice, CA about how the company does business and what-not. I can see it in other friends that do creative work like myself. Other than that nothing. My problem is sticking to a damn plan. Sounds pretty dumb, but a support group of some kind would help. Budgeting my time is the same issue with my money. I try to keep my expenses low, while still spending money on the things that I enjoy — eating out a few times a week with friends, and traveling several weeks a year. Right now I am still in my training phase so all parttime work is restricted by my department.

    However, once my training is done I am going to try to get a job with UOP. I have a M. Writing to you from my cube that frustrates the hell out of me, I am beginning to realize that I am the barrier to myself earning more. Whether it is earning more money through the corporate world or trying to earn that side income myself. The problem is me and that I do not take any action. The ones that I do, I need to develop the skills much better.

    Millennials & Money: Insights from an Often Overlooked Community

    Gotta start somewhere. Good post. I do have some talents, like guitar and basketball, but who would want to hire a 20 year old when there are way more qualified people out there, especially people who have more experience than I have life? Who wants to hire some kid to do something that someone else can do much better? The only difference is I could do it because I love it not in part because I want the income. My other hesitation is with ideas. Some I have put into practice and then let slide, while others never got finish or started. How does a person like me stick to one idea?

    Or is there a way to use all my ideas in one business? It amuses me tho that this is all aimed at something folks who are just starting out. I had previously automated my bill paying, so that was a no-brainer. So I have taken the investment info and put it into overdrive and yeah, become a conscious spender, thank you very much!

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    Oh, and happy birthday, Ramit!! The big question is what can I do that people will readily pay for? I got a whole lot of things — but what will pay? Great post. One thing I do find that bums me out is lack of support. None of my friends think about this stuff, or rather, maybe they think about making more money, but not in a side business kind of way. So, the reason for my post I guess is: where to meet like-minded people? To answer your question, yes, in my course, I have an add-on where you get live help, accountability partners, Mastermind groups, and access to Earn1k instructors.

    I agree that the biggest impediment to earning more money is just getting off your ass and doing or changing anything , no matter what it is. So much time gets locked up in finding the perfect idea, time to start, or support group, when just throwing anything against the wall and seeing what sticks would make so much more progress. I just need to catch myself in a moment of motivation to set it up, and then that fear of loss can step in when the motivation wanes.

    I strongly recommend you read it and consider your own psychology on money. This is good […]. Excellent article. I run a fitness boot camp business and we are just wrapping up a 6 Week Body Transformation contest that had over 60 applicants, from which we selected 31 participants. The contest ends Tuesday and now is the time to sign them all up for recurring monthly contracts. I am 2 years out of college, running my own business, scared as hell and excited all at the same time. Great content, I am excited to close some new clients and change lives.

    Just started reading your book too. I enjoy reading your articles and agree with a lot of your points. Time is an assest and once spent it aint coming back!! The team I now work with are showing me how to create residule income through a simple system, thereby creating wealth and time. One thing I have found is that systems only work if a clearly defined, passionate dream and goals are set. Keep up the great work Thanks, Andrew. This post deals […]. Your articles on earning more instead of saving more are spot on. When I saw that it had A surprising insights and B earning more money, I rushed to read the […].

    His attitude seems to be that […]. This post made me think about several things. When he writes about people looking for new material rather instead of actually doing something I recognized myself. I need to stop spending so much time poring over blogs and forums looking for ways to make money and spend more time actually trying to make money.

    I will share my efforts and results at trying new ways to make money. I completely agree with all what you said in your post. I am from czech republic and I have been a freelancer for past 7 years.

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    I had been teaching English for first four years, and I got exhausted from that. I knew I wanted to something else. During second year I knew there was something wrong. And I did not know what was that. So I kept asking myself a question — what is wrong? I needed to change something. This only answer helped me to change the course of my actions. And within one year I was able to tripple my income. Now I am working four hours a day and earning two thirds of what I have been making as an English teacher. And yet I work three times less.